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Biblical Worship 09: Self-Humbling

As a guest author, we welcome to this series Dr. Jason Groe, pastor of Upper Helton Baptist Church, who will present to us five of the eleven essentials we’ll explore.  I pray he’ll be as big a blessing to you as he has been to me!

We’ve looked at several essentials to biblical worship so far, but one that cannot be overlooked is that biblical worship must be self-humbling.  Why is it crucial worship be filled with humility?  First of all, humility is crucial because of our propensity to stubbornness.  Humble people have a willing spirit.   Willing spirits are teachable, contagious, edifying and perpetuating.  The opposite would be a stubborn spirit.  God’s people are often called “stiffnecked”.  Meaning, they are unwilling to turn this way or that way for the Lord.

Stubbornness can lead to unrepentance.  Jeremiah says it this way, “But this people has a stubborn and rebellious heart; they have turned aside and departed” (5:23).    Stubbornness can lead to a calloused heart.  The rich young ruler was told by Jesus that he lacked only “one thing” and yet he still walked away.  In other words, he was willing to walk away from Christ in disobedience—he was okay with it.

Humility is crucial because it affects our view of God.  Humility has twin pillars—our lowliness and His greatness.  John the Baptist knew this truth when he declared, “I must decrease and He must increase.”  If our view of self is distorted so might our view of God.

Humility is crucial because it elevates authenticity.  Hypocrisy is often the norm within the Body.  Men are afraid to be transparent for fear of being seen as weak.  Women fear transparency and authenticity because of reputation.  We must value humility rather than reputation.  We must value authenticity over appearance.  The sad fact is that many would rather appear holy rather than be holy.

The Samaritan woman who discovered Christ at the water fountain displays God’s desired humility for His people.  She accepted Christ’s indictment against her as true.  She also adopted a high view of who Christ was.  As a result, an awakening took place in this town where Jesus “must needs go.”

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