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Spy Wednesday

As we continue our observance of Holy Week, today we come to what has traditionally been called Spy Wednesday. Today we remember the moment where Judas Iscariot slipped off from Jesus and the disciples to make a deal with the Jewish leaders there in Jerusalem to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

The leaders there wanted to arrest Jesus quietly so as not to stir up His vast followers and fans. So, Judas agreed to take them to where Jesus was at an opportune time and to identify Jesus so that they could arrest Him. That’s exactly what Judas would do the following night when he would lead a group of Jewish police to where Jesus and the disciples were praying in the Garden of Gethsemene. Judas walked right up to Jesus and kissed his cheek, betraying his identity. The police would soon lead Jesus away in chains and eventually to the cross.

It’s important to note that although Judas was part of the disciples, he wasn’t a real disciple. He was a spy in their midst, a fake, a fraud, the son of perdition. He was near Christ and the people of Christ, but he wasn’t of Christ. Jesus didn’t have his heart.

Beloved, does Jesus have your heart? It doesn’t matter that you grew up in a Christian home or community or how much you go to church or that you hang around Christian people. The question is:  do you love Jesus? Does he have your heart?

If he doesn’t, then you could very well betray Jesus like Judas did. Perhaps you have already, and you probably did it for much less than 30 pieces of silver. Beloved, Jesus doesn’t just want your body. He wants your heart. Will you give it completely to Him in this Easter season?

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