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The Right Side of History?

Series:  More Than Conquerors
Title:  The Right Side of History?
Text:  Joshua 2

Tonight’s Truth – Live victoriously by making sure that you are on God’s side of history
What led Rahab to join God’s people?
1. Rahab knew that the Lord had given Jericho and the surrounding land to the Israelites
2. Rahab had heard that the Lord had made the difference in previous battles
3. Rahab expected that remaining in opposition to God meant sure death
4. Rahab recognized that her only hope was to covenant with the people of God of God and serve God
How does the story of Rahab encourage us to be on God’s side of history?
1. God has given the entire earth to His people.
2. God will fight to bring about ultimate victory.
3. God will utterly crush and condemn all who are not on His side.
4. God will utterly save and bless all who come to Him through Jesus
Now matter where we started or where we are right now, may we with all our being ensure that we are on God’s side of history, where victory will be found!