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Purge the Evil from Among You

Series:  More than Conquerors
Title:  Purge the Evil from Among You
Text:  Joshua 7

The Story…

1. Israel is defeated at Ai
2. Joshua cries out in defeat to God
3. God reveals why He allowed Israel’s defeat
4. God gives Joshua a plan to purge the evil from among them
5. Joshua carries out that plan and purges the evil from among them

Tonight’s Takeaways…

1. Know that God takes sin very seriously
2. Never presume on God’s mercy
3. Realize you have no way of knowing how extensive the consequences of your sin will be
4. Work to remove sin from the camp of your life
5. Throw yourself on the mercy of God

How do we handle sin in our camp?

1. Between you and God, work to Recognize-Repent-Release-Reconcile
2. When brothers and sisters fall into sin, work to restore them so that they can Recognize-Repent-Release-Reconcile

May we walk in holiness to God and in vigilance against sin!