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Sermons on Gospel (Page 2)

The Missional Mandate

Series:  Next StepsTitle:  The Missional Mandate Text:  Acts 1:8Today’s Takeaway – The heartbeat of Eastwood is missions1.  We are convinced of the necessity of missions2.  We cooperate for missions 3.  We carry out missions 4.  We commission for missions May our hearts beat as one to take the gospel around our community and around our world!

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Series:  Life Lessons from the Mountain Title:  Don’t Get Me Wrong Text:  Matthew 5:17-20 What does Jesus think about the Law of God? 1.  It is a good standard 2.  It is an enduring standard 3.  It is a mandatory standard 4.  It is a high standard May the Law of God lead us to…