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Sermons on Gospel

One Believing in Resurrection

Series:  Together We stand Title:  One Believing in Resurrection Text:  1 Corinthians 15:12-34 Tonight’s Takeaway – Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation for the hope of our future resurrection 1.  Understand the serious implications if it’s impossible for people to be resurrected 2.  Jesus Christ’s resurrection is not only proof that it’s possible for people to…

Friend of Sinners

Series:  #MyNewLife Title:  Friend of Sinners Text:  Luke 5:27-32 Today’s Takeaway – Develop relationships to impact people with the gospel 1.  Never forget that Jesus can save the sinner farthest from God 2.  Intentionally draw close to those who are far from God 3.  Look for low hanging fruit around new Christians 4.  Refuse to…

Ready to Go

Today’s Takeaway – Receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, and take it to the ends of the earth Series:  #MyNewLifeTitle:  Ready to GoText:  Matthew 28:18-20 1. Go in the authority of Jesus2. Go to all the nations3. Go to make disciples4. Go and don’t stop until Jesus returns May you and the nations be glad in Jesus, the good news!  

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  Hook, Line, and Sinker Text:  John 6:53 What this hard saying is NOT talking about? 1.  It’s not talking about cannibalism 2.  It’s not talking about sacramentalism Today’s Takeaway:  Completely take Jesus into your life to have eternal life 1.  Refuse to receive Jesus only half way…

Beware of Falling Objects

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  Beware of Falling Objects Text:  Luke 13:1-5 Today’s Takeaway – Repent of your sins before the weight of God’s wrath falls on you 1.  Every sinner deserves temporal death on earth and everlasting death in Hell 2.  Every tragedy is an opportunity for you to repent 3.…

Amazing Grace

Series:  Great Hymns for the Faith Title:  Amazing Grace Text:  Titus 2:11-14 Tonight’s Task:  What makes grace so amazing? 1.  Grace is so undeserved 2.  Grace is for whosoever believes on Jesus 3.  Grace transforms our lives 4.  Grace joins us to our blessed hope, Jesus May we always be amazed by God’s amazing grace!