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Sermons on Doctrine of Sanctification

Do You Have the Time?

Series:  #MyNewLife Title:  Do You Have the Time? Text:  Psalms 119:9-16 Today’s Task:  How do I have quality time with God? 1.  Desire wholeheartedly daily time with God 2.  Dialogue with God 3.  Breathe in and breathe out God’s Word 4.  Meditate on God and His Word 5.  Delight in God May your love for God grow as your time with God grows!

Gifted to Serve

Series:  #MyNewLife Title:  Gifted to Serve Text:  2 Timothy 1:3-7 Today’s Takeaway – Maximize your gifting for greater service to God and man 1.  Every Christian has been gifted by God 2.  Your gifting was given to you for others 3.  You must strive to maximize your gifting 4.  Your gifting is boosted by power,…

You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth?

Series:  Potty Mouth Title:  You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth? Text:  Ephesians 4:29 Today’s Takeaway – Christian, free yourself of foul language 1.  You are a new creature being conformed to God 2.  You shouldn’t belittle awesome and awful biblical realities 3.  Your words were meant to give grace May our words be fitting…

The Elephant Too Big for the Closet

Series:  The Elephant in the Room Title:  The Elephant Too Big for the Closet Series:  Romans 1:16-32 Today’s Takeaway:  I must think about homosexuality like God has revealed himself to think in the Bible 1.  The practice of homosexuality is condemned by God 2.  The practice of homosexuality indicates a society is being judged by…