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Sermons on Christian Character (Page 2)

The Land of the Free

Title:  The Land of the Free Text:  1 Peter 2:16 Today’s Takeaway:  Don’t waste your freedom! 1.  Enjoy your freedom 2.  Defend your freedom 3.  Advocate against ungodliness 4.  Maximize your service to God May America be better because we take every advantage of our freedom in Christ!

That’s Not Fair!

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  That’s Not Fair! Text:  Matthew 20:1-16 Today’s Topic – How to keep a distorted desire for justice from ruining your joy in the kingdom of heaven 1.  Remember where justice would land you 2.  Rest in the great gift that God has given you 3.  Refuse to…

One Hand Is Better Than Two

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  One Hand Is Better Than Two Text:  Matthew 5:30 Today’s Takeaway:  Take extreme measures to oppose sin in your life Who?  Only those who sin should take extreme measures Why?  Because sin is extremely deadly How?  Amputate, mortify, and limit sin in your life May we never be…

Mean What You Say

Series:  Life Lessons from the Mountain Title:  Mean What You Say Text:  Matthew 5:33-37 Tonight’s Takeaway – Live with such integrity that oaths are almost unnecessary 1.  Not all oaths are forbidden 2.  Oaths should not be made rashly 3.  Oaths should not be made deceptively 4.  Oaths should be made only in God’s name…

God Never Fails

Series:  When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Title:  God Never Fails Text:  Habakkuk 2:2-4 Today’s takeaway:  Live by faith when life doesn’t make sense 1.  God remains steadfast 2.  God sometimes ordains things that seems out of character 3.  God will indeed bring about justice May faith be our cry when life doesn’t make sense!