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Sermons on Matthew (Page 2)

Without Gloom or Grimace

Series:  Life Lessons from the Mountain Title:  Without Gloom or Grimace Text:  Matthew 6:16-18 Tonight’s Task:  What is fasting, and how should we do it? 1.  What is fasting? Definition: A Christian’s voluntary abstinence from a normal function, primarily eating, for spiritual purposes Types: a. a normal fast b. a partial fast c. an absolute…

Intro to Eastwood

Series:  Next Steps Title:  Intro to Eastwood Text: Matthew 16:18 1.  Why church? There are to be no orphans among God’s children Eastwood’s mission:  Develop relationships to impact people with biblical answers to life’s challenges Eastwood’s strategy:  To be a multisite church that offers opportunities to… a. Gather b. Grow c. Go d. Next Steps 2.  Why…

Mean What You Say

Series:  Life Lessons from the Mountain Title:  Mean What You Say Text:  Matthew 5:33-37 Tonight’s Takeaway – Live with such integrity that oaths are almost unnecessary 1.  Not all oaths are forbidden 2.  Oaths should not be made rashly 3.  Oaths should not be made deceptively 4.  Oaths should be made only in God’s name…

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Title:  Thanksgiving Leftovers Text:  Matthew 14:13-21 Today’s Takeaway:  Give thanks to God for His abundance 1.  God’s abundant compassion 2.  God’s abundant power 3.  God’s abundant provision May our thanksgiving to God fill Heaven to overflow!