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Sermons on Matthew (Page 2)

A God-Centered Home

Series:  God-Shaped Parenting Title:  A God-Centered Home Text:  Matthew 22:37-38 Today’s Task – How do I build a God-centered home? 1.  Imitate the God-centeredness of God 2.  Fill your home with family prayer 3.  Gather around the Bible together at home 4.  Make the mission of God the mission of your home 5.  Prioritize highly…

Ready to Go

Today’s Takeaway – Receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, and take it to the ends of the earth Series:  #MyNewLifeTitle:  Ready to GoText:  Matthew 28:18-20 1. Go in the authority of Jesus2. Go to all the nations3. Go to make disciples4. Go and don’t stop until Jesus returns May you and the nations be glad in Jesus, the good news!  

That’s Not Fair!

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  That’s Not Fair! Text:  Matthew 20:1-16 Today’s Topic – How to keep a distorted desire for justice from ruining your joy in the kingdom of heaven 1.  Remember where justice would land you 2.  Rest in the great gift that God has given you 3.  Refuse to…

Sign Seekers

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  Sign Seekers Text:  Matthew 12:38-42  Today’s Takeaway:  Receive the resurrection as proof enough that Jesus is Savior and Lord 1.  Don’t neglect the proof that God has already given 2.  Know that demanding new proof reveals a dark heart 3.  Look to people who believed God on…