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Breaking the Chains of Communication Problems

Series:  Chain Breaker Title:  Breaking the Chains of Communication Problems Text:  Proverbs 18:20-21 Tonight’s Task:  How can I be a godly communicator? Understand what godly communication is Realize that there’s more than one way to communicate Know that communication arises from your heart Learn when to shut your mouth Follow these 4 rules when conflict…

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  Hook, Line, and Sinker Text:  John 6:53 What this hard saying is NOT talking about? 1.  It’s not talking about cannibalism 2.  It’s not talking about sacramentalism Today’s Takeaway:  Completely take Jesus into your life to have eternal life 1.  Refuse to receive Jesus only half way…

Beware of Falling Objects

Series:  Radical: the Hard Sayings of Jesus Title:  Beware of Falling Objects Text:  Luke 13:1-5 Today’s Takeaway – Repent of your sins before the weight of God’s wrath falls on you 1.  Every sinner deserves temporal death on earth and everlasting death in Hell 2.  Every tragedy is an opportunity for you to repent 3.…

The Land of the Free

Title:  The Land of the Free Text:  1 Peter 2:16 Today’s Takeaway:  Don’t waste your freedom! 1.  Enjoy your freedom 2.  Defend your freedom 3.  Advocate against ungodliness 4.  Maximize your service to God May America be better because we take every advantage of our freedom in Christ!

Amazing Grace

Series:  Great Hymns for the Faith Title:  Amazing Grace Text:  Titus 2:11-14 Tonight’s Task:  What makes grace so amazing? 1.  Grace is so undeserved 2.  Grace is for whosoever believes on Jesus 3.  Grace transforms our lives 4.  Grace joins us to our blessed hope, Jesus May we always be amazed by God’s amazing grace!