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Posts from July 2012

Wednesday Is for Worship: “Our God”

My calendar says that it’s Wednesday again.  So, let’s turn our attention to the worship of our great God.  In fact, today’s worship offering is called “Our God.” Written in 2010 for the Passion conference by the big time team of Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Jonas Myrin, and Matt Redman and published through Thankyou Music, the song was the first track on…

Extreme Makeover: Cosmos Edition

The other day I was thinking through the tragic loss of the fullness of what God created and blessed mankind with in the Garden of Eden. We live in a broken world. Indeed, Paradise has been lost. However, God has not abandoned His blessing to us because Paradise Lost is becoming Paradise Restored.

But even better is that God does not just restore Paradise. He improves Paradise. It’s like a cosmic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You know that on that show they never just restore the house back to what it was. They always make it way cooler than before. That’s exactly what God’s going to do with the universe! […]

Wednesday Is for Worship: “Healing Rain”

It’s Wednesday.  Last Wednesday was a dry Wednesday, but not this one!!  Mercifully, it is raining, adding to the couple of inches of rain we’ve already received here in July after a June where we saw around a quarter of an inch of rain for the entire month.  After a much-needed drink, my tomatoes and squash are blooming out again.  Yes!! It’s…

Wednesday Is for Worship: “How Sweet and Aweful Is the Place”

  Well, it’s Wednesday again.  Are you ready to go to the mountaintop to worship the Lord? Today is a hymn written by one of the most endearing, enduring, and prolific writers of worship songs—Isaac Watts.  He’s known as the “father of English hymnody” and credited with almost 520 songs.  You probably know him best through his songs “Joy to the World!…