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A Rich & Refined Design

Visage, the July 2012 theme release, is a contemporary blending of stunning, refined visuals, combined with a polished and powerful undertone, providing a unique look that is flexible and intuitive to use. The foundational Gantry Framework creates a core rich with features, such as the 960 Grid System, per override configuration, amongst many others.

[rcrimg]icon2[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Configure[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Layout Parameters[/rcrtext2]

The Gantry Framework administrative interface allows you to manipulate the theme layout with ease, principally through the global and per-override parameters for grid width distribution. You can also force/lock widget positions to a certain distribution and width, to create a distinct layout with simplicity and ease. [loadposition id=”rokgallery2″]

[rcrimg]icon4[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Variations[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Individual Visuals[/rcrtext2]

Indivualize your site content, whether from the selection of diverse and exquisite style variations, or from the vast array of widget variations, both structural and stylistic, allowing to global and per page distinctive styling. Utilize the inbuilt typographical elements to add an unique aspect to your site content. [loadposition id=”rokgallery4″]